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Fairfield Academy

We hope you are able to take some time to explore and learn about the huge range of opportunities and experiences on offer at Fairfield Academy.

Academy Information

The Fairfield Values

Our curriculum is underpinned by core fundamental values.

These form the basis of everything we do in school.

The Fairfield Four are:

  • We ALWAYS aim high
  • We ALWAYS have the confidence to try new things
  • We ALWAYS value and support each other
  • We ALWAYS show good sportsmanship and work as a team

In addition to the values we aim to:

  • Encourage each pupil to reach their potential by developing qualities of self-discipline, motivation and commitment.
  • Help pupils develop an understanding of their own identity and personal moral values
  • Help pupils develop respect and tolerance of other races, religions, cultures and life-styles
  • Help pupils to develop lively and enquiring minds, the ability to question and discuss rationally, to investigate and solve problems, and to effectively apply themselves to mental and physical tasks
  • Guide pupils to acquire understanding, knowledge and skills relevant to adult life and employment in a fast changing world
  • Help pupils gain competence in language, numeracy, information and communication technology skills (ICT), and scientific methodology, so that they can communicate effectively using these skills
  • Help pupils understand the world in which they live and the interdependence of individuals, groups and society
  • Help pupils to value aspirations and achievement
  • Help pupils to understand the importance of developing a social responsibility towards those less fortunate than themselves

Meet the staff

Principal - Miss Kizzi Matanga
Vice Principal - Mr Chris Rayner
Administration Team - Mrs Tracey Piggott & Mrs Verity Noton
SENCo - Mrs Lucianna Smith

Nursery Teacher- Mrs Lisa Sandford
Nursery Nurse- Mrs Julie Harvey
Foundation Stage Teacher - Mrs Jane Hickson
Foundation Stage Teacher - Miss Eleanor Devonport                                                                              Foundation Stage Teacher - Mrs Deborah Bartlett

Key Stage 1 Teacher - Miss Kerry Watson
Key Stage 1 Teacher - Miss Stacy Lambert
Key Stage 1 Teacher - Miss Heidi Fawcett
Key Stage 1 Teacher - Miss Natalie Taylor
Key Stage 1 Teacher - Miss Eleanor Dennison

Lower Key Stage 2 Teacher - Mr Damien Burdett
Lower Key Stage 2 Teacher - Miss Lauren Martin
Lower Key Stage 2 Teacher - Mrs Jackie Vessey
Upper Key Stage 2 Teacher - Mr Tristan Creighton                                                                                              Upper Key Stage 2 Teacher - Mrs Catherine Harrison
Upper Key Stage 2 Teacher - Mrs Jacquie Mullins
Upper Key Stage 2 Teacher - Mr Dwane Miles

Teaching Assistants - Mrs G Wrack,  Mrs J Corrigan,  Miss T Mayall,  Miss G Charlesworth, Miss A Paxton, Mrs D Taylor-Vine, Mrs C Bingley, Mrs K Burdett, Mrs L Hubbard, Mrs N Kesharwani

Learning Mentor - Mrs Sarah Harrison

HLTA - Mrs P Wright, Mrs G Wellington

Midday Supervisors - Mrs J Davidson, Mrs M Reid, Miss J Brown

Caretaker - Mr Marc Summersell

Cleaners - Mrs G Johnson, Mrs J Rendell, Mrs K Whitworth, Mrs M Haughie,  Ms G Liversey

School Day

Our school day is from 8.45am to 3.15pm.

All pupils should be in class for registration by 8.50am, anyone arriving after this time will be marked as Late.

Dinner is from 12pm-1pm for Foundation and KS1 and 12.10pm-1.10pm for KS2.


At school, we have four houses, each with a house leader:

  • BRONTE (Blue) - Mrs Hickson
  • HAWKING (Green) - Mr Creighton
  • NIGHTINGALE (Red) - Mrs Laister
  • ELGAR (Yellow) - Miss Ashton

Across the school year we hold a variety of inter-house competitions, both sporting and non-sporting, to encourage team spirit including a Monthly Value award.  House Captains from Year 6 are responsible for deciding what the events will be, and for leading a half termly House Assembly.

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