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Enrichment & Partnerships

We believe in giving our pupils a broad, rich curriculum, and create as many opportunities as possible to enrich their learning. All year groups have at least one School trip as part of their curriculum, with outside visitors and other opportunities built in to enrich and enhance the children's educational experience.

Throughout the year the school is visited by various people and agencies including the school nurse, health officials, the fire service and academy advisers. The educational welfare officer and educational psychologist also visit, as do our local police who talk to pupils about issues such as stranger danger and drugs. 

To find out more about enrichment as part of the David Ross Education Trust please download the document on the left-hand side of the page.

Residential Visits

Key Stage 2 pupils have an opportunity to go on residential trips. These currently take place on site (Y3), in the Peak District National Park (Y4), at an Outdoor Adventure Site (Y5) and in North Yorkshire (Y6) and build from one night to three nights in tents, Youth Hostels, Dormitories and finally a hotel. During these visits pupils undertake a variety of activities ranging from abseiling and archery, to obstacle courses and orienteering. Residential trips are aimed at developing pupils’ ability to work effectively as individuals, and as part of a team. Pupils often return from these trips with notably improved self-confidence, and routinely say that the activities are stimulating and fun. These trips are a unique part of a child’s primary education. The cost to parents is kept to a minimum and represents very good value for money. For pupils whose families are experiencing genuine financial hardship, the costs involved is never a bar to them going on residential visits.