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About Us

The Fairfield Values

Our curriculum is underpinned by core fundamental values. These form the basis of everything we do in school. The Fairfield Four are:

  • We ALWAYS aim high
  • We ALWAYS have the confidence to try new things
  • We ALWAYS value and support each other
  • We ALWAYS show good sportsmanship and work as a team

Children who ALWAYS demonstrate these values, consistently, can be awarded an ALWAYS band.

In addition to the values we aim to:

  • Encourage each pupil to reach their potential by developing qualities of self-discipline, motivation and commitment.
  • Help pupils develop an understanding of their own identity and personal moral values
  • Help pupils develop respect and tolerance of other races, religions, cultures and life-styles
  • Help pupils to develop lively and enquiring minds, the ability to question and discuss rationally, to investigate and solve problems, and to effectively apply themselves to mental and physical tasks
  • Guide pupils to acquire understanding, knowledge and skills relevant to adult life and employment in a fast changing world
  • Help pupils gain competence in language, numeracy, information and communication technology skills (ICT), and scientific methodology, so that they can communicate effectively using these skills
  • Help pupils understand the world in which they live and the interdependence of individuals, groups and society
  • Help pupils to value aspirations and achievement
  • Help pupils to understand the importance of developing a social responsibility towards those less fortunate than themselves 

Meet the staff

Principal - Miss Kizzi Matanga

Administration Team - Mrs Tracey Piggott and Mrs Lucy Wright


Nursery Teacher- Mrs Lisa Sandford

Nursery Nurse- Mrs Julie Harvey

Foundation Stage Teacher - Miss Jane Robinson

Foundation Stage Teacher - Mrs Helen Claude


Key Stage 1 Teacher - Miss Kerry Watson

Key Stage 1 Teacher - Mrs Liz Laister

Key Stage 1 Teacher - Miss Stacy Lambert

Key Stage 1 Teacher - Miss Chantelle Fuller


Lower Key Stage 2 Teacher - Miss Alyssa Fussey

Lower Key Stage 2 Teacher - Mrs Jackie Vessey

Lower Key Stage 2 Teacher - Mr Damien Burdett


 Upper Key Stage 2 Teacher - Mrs Catherine Harrison

Upper Key Stage 2 Teacher - Miss Lucy Schofield 

Upper Key Stage 2 Teacher - Miss Natalie Taylor


SENCo - Damien Burdett

Teaching Assistants - Mrs J Stiff, Mrs G Wrack, Mrs M Scrivener, Mrs J Corrigan, Mrs J Thorpe-Green, Mrs T Thompson, Mrs J Ramsey, Mrs R Burdett, Miss G Charlesworth, Mrs A Gower, Mrs D Taylor-Vine, Mrs C Bingley, Mrs K Burdett

Teacher/Teaching Assistant - Mrs C Clark

HLTA and Learning Mentor - Mrs J Haughey

HLTA  - Mr K Claude

HLTA - Mrs P Wright, Mrs G Wellington

Midday Supervisors - Mrs J Davidson and Mrs M Reid

Caretaker - Mrs Fran Moore

Cleaners - Mrs G Johnson, Mrs J Rendell, Mrs K Whitworth, Mrs R Wortley